Food and Wine

Discover traditional Šibenik dishes: try a variety of seafood specialities, surrender yourself to the aromatic and flavourful pleasures of grilled dishes, soothe your sweet tooth with diverse local pastries, add some premium wines and a few glasses of the world famous Šibenik Travarica (herbal brandy) and you are ready to embark on an unforgettable gourmet adventure!

The culinary tradition of Šibenik exudes simplicity, as well as elements of Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman cuisine, so it should come as no surprise that gourmets savour it and have placed it on a pedestal. Prepared with fresh ingredients and a dash of spices and herbs (apart from parsley, garlic, onions and laurel), Šibenik cuisine is typically Dalmatian, with olive oil as an integral part of making any dish.

Some of the must-try dishes that have been prepared in the Šibenik area for centuries are crabs or mussels alla busara, brodet, vegetable stews, risottos, as well as exquisite fish and meat soups. Traditional desserts include "rožata" (caramel custard), "fritule" (doughnuts), "kroštule" (sweet pastry knots) and "favete" (almond cakes), which are bound to satisfy even the most fastidious of foodies.

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