Sailing and Nautics

Sail the magical St. Anthony's Channel, explore the colourful and picturesque Šibenik Bay, navigate around charming islets, discover secluded coves and enjoy the beautiful maritime scenery of the Šibenik archipelago for a nautical experience of your dreams!

Situated in the most sheltered natural port, amid the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, or the ancient Mare Adriaticum, where the karst stunner Krka flows into the sea, the city of Šibenik is the starting point for exploring myriad islands, the biggest of which are Zlarin, Prvić, Kakan, Kaprije and Žirje. The mesmerising waters of Šibenik, with islands that cover an area exceeding 157 km2, attract boaters from all over the world, which is why sports and sea lovers gather in the area for one of the many sailboat races.

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