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03.06.2021. - 04.06.2021.
Day of open Tastings

On Thursday and Friday (3 and 4 June 2021) the Days of Open Tastings will be held across the wider area of Šibenik and Knin, where from 12 to 8 p.m. bon viveurs will be able to visit around 20 wineries, breweries and olive oil tasting rooms and try over 100 different fine wines, olive oils, craft beers, brandies and liqueurs. Those with a ticket will be given a map of the area with the tasting locations and other important information. The first ones to buy the ticket will be provided with free transportation to be able to indulge fully in this wonderful hedonistic event.

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04.06.2021. - 03.09.2021.
St. Michael's Fortress Summer Stage

St. Michael's Fortress is a great location for one of Šibenik's most attractive summer stages and it hosts many quality concerts of various genres, from classical to contemporary styles.

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Mussels and Debit – a Match Made in Heaven

Mussels start to grow in spring, with the arrival of warmer weather, turning fuller and more delicious. Around that same time new Debit is poured into bottles and is headed to the market.

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10.06.2021. - 13.06.2021.
Croatian Travel Festival

This recent Šibenik festival has been organized by the Croatian Travel Club since 2012 and it has been gathering travel-lovers and all others interested in the exciting culture of travel.

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19.06.2021. - 03.07.2021.
International Children's Festival

The most distinctive trait of the cultural scene in Šibenik, and its trademark of a kind, is the International Children's Festival, a unique cultural event globally recognised for six decades.

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09.07.2021. - 11.07.2021.
Regius Festival

The Regius Festival is a regional cultural and music event that represents alternative genres and takes place in July on Jadrija's city beach.

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19.07.2021. - 23.07.2021.
Supertoon International Animation Festival

The Supertoon International Animation Festival is held in July in the old town centre of Šibenik.

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20.08.2021. - 21.08.2021.
Dalmatian Chanson Evenings

This festival of the authentic Dalmatian songs has been held in Šibenik since 1998. The late August two-day event presents and promotes the original Dalmatian song, which does not adjust to the contemporary mixture of pop-songs, but rather has an inclination to the chanson, a song whose most important expression is verse.

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