The island treasure of the Šibenik archipelago

Experience the meditative ambience of the magical tranquil islands, lose yourself in wandering around pristine nature and explore the rich traditions and fascinating heritage!

The turquoise see-through waters of Šibenik are the centrepiece gem of the Adriatic Sea. Gorgeous fragrant beaches, secluded coves and abundant Mediterranean vegetation adorn these islands, which are exceptional for a number of reasons. Peruse Zlarin, Prvić, Kaprije, Krapanj and Žirje and find out which island is dubbed "Sponge Island", which one is known as the "Coral Island", which is the native island of Faust Vrančić and which were named after capers or acorns... Listen to historic tales and learn of the old ways of the islands.

Beside the inhabited islands, make sure to visit and explore the stunning Kornati National Park in the Kornati archipelago!

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